State IFTA Returns

Since 2007, IFTA Plus has prepared IFTA returns for over 5500 companies. Most other IFTA software tools produce a generic report that you must transfer by hand to your state return. IFTA Plus prepares your official state IFTA fuel tax return in seconds. All of your IFTA returns, as well as your miles and fuel, can be accessed anytime from any computer.  

New York Highway Use Tax Return

For companies that drove through New York, IFTA Plus can prepare your NY HUT return in seconds.  

New Mexico Weight Distance Return

For companies that drove through New Mexico, IFTA Plus can immediately prepare your official New Mexico Weight Distance return.  

Kentucky Weight Distance Return

As with NY and NM, we can also prepare your Kentucky WD return.  

Late Returns

If you are behind on a few returns, don’t fear. IFTA Plus can go back to the first quarter 2010 to prepare late returns and calculate the correct penalties.