Feedback On Our Product

  • “I would let anyone know that using IFTA Plus is a time saver, user friendly and you get your result immediately. I love that I do not have to calculate any of the numbers.” Richard P. – Island Auto Transport
  • “Your system is the ultimate in quartly fuel prep.” Tom Z. – KTS Transportation, LLC.
  • “This is a great program, it is easy to understand and a great help in preparing IFTA taxes.” Anita H. – Echota Transportation, LLC.
  • “We are extremely pleased with the service that we have received from IFTA Plus. The reminder that it’s quarterly tax time, the ease of filling in our information and then the time taken by you to thank us for our business makes for a winning combination. I can’t think of a single thing that would make it easier to do our truck tax. Thank YOU for a great service. Sincerely,” Ronald T. – Towson Trucking
  • “You have helped me tremendously. IFTA Plus made my first experience doing quarterly taxes a lot easier. I was lost until I found your web site.” Anita H. – Echota Transportation, LLC.
  • “This was my first report with IFTA Plus but I was very satisfied. I did not know about it or I would have been using it every time.” Patricia E. – Flying J Land & Cattle Inc.
  • “I thought it was real easy and very easy to understand. Thanks for the great product.” Timmy P. – Pink’s Trucking Co.
  • “You were convient, helpful, cheap and easy. I was pleased with everything.” John H. – Hayes Trucking
  • “This software makes filling a breeze. Extremely easy to use. Pricing is good. Very intuitive.” Ariel S. – IRM Trucking
  • “This is our first experience in starting our own business and having our own authority so the taxing forms, as well all other aspects of going into your own business, were quite mind-boggling. I thought the taxing commission would have a worksheet online, so that when you put in your figures, it would automatically compute. Boy, was I surprised! After surfing the Internet with all sorts of buzz words on IFTA, I came across your site. I can’t tell you how I relieved I was when I spoke to Stuart. He was most patient with my questions and explained the process from beginning to end. I would like to praise him for his excellent customer service and to say that he is a definite asset to your organization. We will certainly use your service in the quarters to come. Thank you for being our there!” William H. – H & B Trucking
  • “IFTA Plus simplifies the tax prep process and takes away the frustration every quarter! It is better than the penalties we were paying before IFTA Plus because our taxes were incorrectly calculated! Ease of use is great.” David H. – Hutchcraft Trucking, LLC.
  • “IFTA Plus is the best and fastest way to prepare IFTA for a good price. Its user friendly and quick.” Marielsa C. – Caribbean Sun Movers Inc.
  • “I consider this service a Must Have! You have made my filing needs a blessing.” Catherine C. – D.C. Towing Inc.
  • “Very helpful and did what I needed beyond expectations.” Ray M. – Diversified Logistics
  • “I would like to thank you for your website. It made my first time preparing quarterly taxes a breeze.” Anita H. – Echota Transportation, LLC
  • “I would tell anyone this is a GREAT tool that can save them a lot of time.” Richard P. – Island Auto Transport, Inc.
  • “IFTA Plus is the only way to go.” Monroe J. – MJ’S Bus Service, LLC.
  • “It is a wonderful program.” Randall B. – Benner Transport LLC.
  • “IFTA Plus was very helpful and did not take up to much time and with the extra time gave us more time on the road making money. That helped us a lot and we loved IFTA PLUS. Thanks for all your help. ” Kevin W. – K & M Trucking

Feedback On Our Customer Service

  • “Wow…your response is always so incredibly fast. Thank you….how do you find the time to reply so fast…it feels like I have my own personal IFTA personnel. Thank you again!!” Patty & Terry H. – TP Logistics
  • “I was able to contact you by phone to explain my situation. You resolved my issues in time for me to submit my tax returns. Thanks.” Daniel S. – Acme BTDT Inc.
  • “My experience with my representative was great. He was very knowledgeable and very helpful. Took his time to explain things to me.” Barbara F. – Sancio Inc.
  • “This is all new to me. When I called the person I spoke with was very help full. I had determined that I used incorrect information on one of my quarters and he explained exactly what I needed to do.” Michael R. – Rebco
  • “When I had to do my first filing, I took one look at the form and almost had a heart attack. I came across your website by accident when trying to find out information about IFTA. Thank you for being there.” Your customer service people were very helpful and most importantly, patient.” William H. – H & B Trucking
  • “someone called me the very next day. Promptness was appreciated. Even late at night on the day before the deadline someone called me once. I was very impressed.” Anthony C. – A.C.A. Food service

When Asked What Was Your Favorite Feature?

  • “The simplicity of the whole process was my favorite feature of IFTA Plus.” Ben L. – B & J Trucking Co.
  • “Speed. I could not believe how fast my report was completed and e-mailed back to me.” Patricia E. – Flying J Land & Cattle Inc.
  • “Accuracy. IFTA Plus takes away any chance of making a mistake and the forms look better.” Donald W. – GreenTree Forest Products
  • “Not having to worry about the calculations and making errors. Also, the ability to enter data as you go along and having it saved, alleviating the pressure at the end of the quarter.” William H. – H & B Trucking
  • “I would say that IFTA Plus is very fast and accurate on IFTA filings. Easy to understand and do yourself rather pay someone losts more money to have done.” Timmy P. – Pink’s Trucking Co
  • “It easy to use. I love the program and very simple. When I did my first IFTA return, I thought I was going to die. But with the great customer service. They responsed quickly and very friendly. I just love this program. As long as I am doing IFTA, I will be a loyal customer to IFTA plus.” Barbara F. – Sancio Inc
  • “Intuitive data entry and outcome of the product met or exceeded expectations.” Daniel S. – Acme BTDT Inc.
  • “Most important in my case:
    • No driving or going to somebody office.
    • Filing can be be done at your office at a convenient time, just answer common sense questions.
    • No excuses for delayed appointments with other preparer.
    • Republic of California can not complain any more that you furnished your return on not original forms (don’t known other states).
    • No overhead like buying software, compatibility issue, upgrades, updates etc.” Greg K. – Zepter Transportation

Feedback on our Pricing

  • “Your service is definitely worth the price. Also, your referral policy is terrific.” William H. – H & B Trucking
  • “I compared prices and yours was the best by far!! thanks! I was pleased with everything.” John H. – Hayes Trucking
  • “Pricing is great. You can’t find any program that will do what IFTA does for you at that price.” Barbara F. – Sancio Inc
  • “Very easy to use and the price was great.” Kevin W. – K & M Trucking
  • “Very well priced.” Randall B. – Benner Transport LLC