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IFTAPlus has prepared IFTA returns for thousands of companies. Our IFTA software is the most complete solutions for IFTA available today.


Printable State IFTA Returns

Most other IFTA software tools produce a generic report that you must transfer by hand to your state return. IFTAPlus prepares your official state IFTA fuel tax return in seconds. All of your IFTA returns, as well as your miles and fuel, can be accessed anytime from any computer.


Unlimited IFTA Calculations

Plug in your fuel and mileage data and IFTAPlus calculates the taxes owed per jurisdiction.


Record Database

Store your trucks’ mileage and fuel data in a historical database.


Audit Reports

IFTAPlus keeps a record of past IFTA filings which may be required in the event of an audit.


Late Returns

IFTAPlus can prepare any quarters since Q1 2007 as long as you have your miles and gallons collected for the quarter you wish to file.


GPS Mobile App

The IFTAPlus mobile app tracks your mileage while you drive using your mobile device’s GPS. You can even enter your fuel directly into the app.

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How IFTAPlus is helping trucking companies of all sizes

Definitely worth the price

Your service is definitely worth the price. Also, your referral policy is terrific.

William H.

Easy to understand and do yourself

IFTAPlus is very fast and accurate on IFTA filings. Easy to understand and do yourself rather pay someone lots more money to have done.

Timmy P.

Fast customer service

Wow…your response is always so incredibly fast. Thank you….how do you find the time to reply so fast…it feels like I have my own personal IFTA personnel. Thank you again!!

Patty & Terry H.

A must have!

I consider this service a Must Have! You have made my filing needs a blessing.

Catherine C.

Makes filing a breeze

This software makes filling a breeze. Extremely easy to use. Pricing is good. Very intuitive.

Ariel S.

IFTAPlus is a time saver

I would let anyone know that using IFTAPlus is a time saver, user friendly and you get your result immediately. I love that I do not have to calculate any of the numbers.

Richard P.