IFTA requirements

Operators who transport goods and services across state lines are required to comply with Rhode IFTA license regulations.

This requirement applies to vehicles that have two axles and a GVW or registered GVW in excess of 26,000 pounds, three or more axles regardless of weight, and combination weight (truck and trailer) that exceeds 26,000 pounds, and those designed, used, and maintained for transporting persons or property.

Why IFTA Plus

Rhode IRP and/or IFTA registration can be complicated due to various factors such as incomplete documentation, incorrect reporting of mileage, incorrect MPG averages, among others.

Failure to comply with these regulations can result in delays, fines, or even suspension of your IFTA account.

To ensure compliance with IFTA regulations,
we recommend using IFTAPlus.

The IFTAPlus app is designed to help you maintain IFTA compliance by providing an account database and tax calculation to check, audit, and adjust errors before submission. With IFTAPlus, you can submit accurate IFTA filings and printable “ready-to-file” official state IFTA filings.

IFTAPlus provides a record database for your previous filings, historical mileage, and fuel data.

These records are required to archive in the event your account is selected for an IFTA audit.

IFTAPlus also offers mileage data sync with our ELD partnership with Geotab and fuel integration when using our IFTAPlus fuel card.

Our IFTAPlus fuel card is tier 3 compliant and covers all IFTA audit requirements while also saving money on fuel.

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Operators who transport goods and services across state lines are required

Important to know

Rhode Island requires IFTA filings to be submitted either online via the Idaho Rhode Island Division of Taxation online portal, or by mail using your company specific, barcoded paper filing return.

RI Operators are required to follow the record keeping best practices as outlined in the Rhode Island record-keeping agreement. Failure to do so may result in a failed audit.

Rhode Island IFTA Renewal:

Regardless of issuing date, your IFTA license will expire on December 31st of the licensing year. Your IFTA renewal can be applied for after your 3rd quarter filing is submitted in October.

Decals will typically be sent out in December. Proof of renewal must be available by March 1st of the new licensing year.

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Operators who transport goods and services across state lines are required